Handicapped with a diabetic ulcer, needs your help.


Handicapped and having a diabetic ulcer on one leg, morbid obesity, motor disabilities due to osteoarthritis and complications such as fluid retention and venous insufficiency, who still feels able to be useful, wants to continue struggling to live, but does not have  resources for treatment and needs help.

* Ramiro (we have changed name to protect his identity), is 58 years old, morbidly obese, handicapped by osteoarthritis in knees that impede to walk, without health insurance and many health complications. Works independently with a computer in a small town in Colombia (South America), with which he can obtain his livelihood.

Unfortunately, the medicines supplied by the Colombian health system are far below the standard quality required for full recovery. In January 2017, without health insurance due to lack of resources, the right leg was quickly infected, to the extreme of opening a wide hole with a depth that began to destroy his muscular tissue and peripheral necrosis that placed him at risk of an amputation.

With own resources and supported by Internet searches, was able to control the infection, in order to be able to heal, he had to look for an experienced private doctor, who detected serious problems in both legs.

* Rodrigo believes that he can still be productive and work with that computer from his place of residence, helped by his unemployed son, who lives with him.

The doctor formulated some very good medicines, excellent quality, that have begun to show some slow, but constant improvement. Some were purchased for a month, thanks to the merciful help of 2 people in the United States and one in Bogota. The daily wound cures, without cost, are made by a professional nurse.

However, this valuable aid was already exhausted by the high cost of the first consultations, laboratory tests, special transportation and medicines. It is still necessary three to six months of treatment in agreement with the attending physician.


These medicines that should be consumed from 3 to 6 months have a very high cost. If you want, you can help with financial support or by sending some of these medications. If you are interested in helping, internally we will provide verifiable information and direct contact.


4 boxes of 60 tablets of Daflom x 500 mg (Here they cost $ 211,800.00 colombian pesos – us $ 72)
3 boxes of Fitostimoline x 32 grms, Regenerating tissue cream – (Cost here of the 3 creams, $ 225 thousand colombian pesos – us $ 77)
2 Nutrifactor x 60 capsules increase defenses ($ 120 thousand colombian pesos – us $ 41)
90 injections of ceftriaxone 1 g with water, syringe, posture ($ 900 thousand colombian pesos – US $ 308)
3 betamethasone, 3 Clotrimazole, 3 sterile gauze Nexcare 3M (patches), gloves for cures, sterile gauze for dressings, cotton, alcohol and other supplies for a cost of $ 100 thousand colombian pesos (US $ 34)

What is required for the treatment, has a cost of $ 1,555,800 colombian pesos, US $ 534 dollars, not including the cost of the next 12 minimum medical visits per week ($ 360 thousand colombian pesos – us $ 123 dollars more.

If you can donate a blood pressure monitor, glucometer and reactive strips, they would be of great help


You can collaborate with one or more medications, we will update here, when some have been received. If you want to help financially, you can do it with money (we will inform internally who is interested).

We request in Colombia Europe or in the USA who can supply a bariatric wheelchair with an electric motor. This chair would make it easier for Ramiro to move down the steep streets of the small town where he lives.

Finally, if someone could help you complete bariatric surgery *Ramiro, we would be very grateful.

Mail: apuntesynotas.opinion@gmail.com in Colombia.
María M. in Miami (USA) WhatsApp: 305 8332814

By: Alberto Saavedra
For: Apuntesynotas.com

Read in spanish: http://apuntesynotas.com/discapacitado-ulcera-diabetica-necesita-ayuda/


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